St. Thomas University Student Health Plan

St. Thomas University is pleased to offer our students and their families an affordable student health benefit plan, issued and administered by Student Educational Benefit Trust.  This plan becomes effective on August 1, 2018 and terminates on July 31, 2019.


Student Health Fee  – This mandatory health fee provides outpatient medical and mental health services when treated at the Student Health Center and at the Jesse Trice North Miami Gardens clinic off campus.

Comprehensive Student Health Plan – This plan provides worldwide coverage for both inpatient and outpatient medical and mental health services, prescription medications and intended for students who have no (or inadequate) health care coverage.


All Full-Time Undergraduate, Graduate (except Organizational Leadership and Health Care Management), and Law students enrolled are automatically enrolled in the Comprehensive Primary Health Plan unless proof of comparable coverage is provided.  Students with other health insurance may elect to waive out of this plan by completing the online waiver application.

  • With an approved waiver, your account will only be charged the annual Student Health Fee of $180.
  • Without an approved waiver, your account will be charged $1,392 to cover you under the Comprehensive Health Plan for the full academic year.

International students are automatically enrolled in the Comprehensive Student Health Plan which meets the J1 and F1 visa requirements as set forth by the U.S. Department of State.

Part-Time students may elect to purchase the Comprehensive Student Health Plan on a voluntary basis.  The link to enroll can be found under Voluntary Coverage.

Insured students may add a dependent spouse or child(ren) to this plan by completely the Dependent online enrollment form found under Voluntary Coverage.


Health Plan Information

2018-2019 Plan Information

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Waiver Criteria & Review Process

Students may request to waive out of the Student Insurance Plan if the following criteria are met (“policy” and “plan” below refer to the plan the student will use in lieu of the Student Insurance Plan):

  • The claims administrator of the plan is based in the United States and has a U.S. telephone number and address for submission of claims and the insurance policy has not been issued outside the U.S.The policy is not a traveling policy.
  • The plan provides both emergency and non-emergency health care and mental health benefits within your local campus area.
  • The plan provides inpatient and outpatient mental health care and chemical dependency benefits are comparable to the coverage provided by the Student Insurance Plan.
  • The plan provides coverage for prescription medication.
  • The lifetime benefit is unlimited.

Out-of-state Medicaid and state Children’s Health Insurance Plans, HMOs, and Kaiser Permanente plans may not cover non-emergency care in this area.  If this is the case, you will not qualify for a waiver.  Please contact your medical insurance carrier to confirm that your insurance covers non-emergency care and that you have a deductible small enough to allow you to afford your portion of the bill.
International students holding an F1 or J1 visa may not waive out of the Student Insurance Plan. Please note that traveling insurance or medical insurance policies issued from your country of origin or outside the U.S. will not be acceptable as means to waive out of the Student Insurance Plan.

In addition to waiver approval by the automated system, please note that all waiver requests will be reviewed by a Student Health representative. If the waiver submitted does not meet the waiver criteria, you will be enrolled in the St. Thomas University Student Health Plan.

Waiver Application

To waive out of the 2018-2019 St. Thomas University Student Health Plan, you will need to complete the online waiver form.   You will receive an email that will state whether or not your waiver application has been approved, denied or pending additional information.

Click Here To Complete the 2018-19 Waiver Application

Appeal Denied Waiver

If your waiver was denied, you have the option to appeal within 15 days from the date you received notification of your waiver status.

Click Here To Submit an Appeal


Insurance ID Cards

Easy Access to a Printable ID card

Your permanent ID card will be available online after the waiver deadline by creating a member account.

If you need to seek medical treatment prior to receiving your permanent card you can print a temporary ID.   This temporary card includes the necessary information your medical provider will need to verify coverage.

Print A Temporary ID Card

To print a permanent ID card, you will need to create a member account.

Create a Member Account


If you need immediate assistance please call 888-776-9920 or email us at

Find an In-Network Provider

Find a Medical Doctor, Hospital or Urgent Care

This plan provides you with access to a number of local and national preferred providers to lower your out of pocket medical expenses.


The local area network to access first is Evolutions Healthcare System.

Search for a Provider

If you cannot locate a provider under Evolution's networks, you may access providers through the PHCS network. 

To search for a provider nationwide:

Find a PHCS Provider or Facility

Pharmacy Information

Magellan Logo

The prescription drug network for this plan is with Magellan Rx Management.

Below is the information your pharmacy will need to process your prescription under this plan.  This information is printed on your ID card as well.

  • RxBIN number is: 017449
  • PCN number is:  6792000
  • RxGroup number is:  PRXSEB

Your prescription copay for:

  • Tier 1 medications is $5 + 20% coinsurance;
  • Tier 2 medications is $15 + 20% coinsurance; and
  • Tier 3 medications is $30 + 20% coinsurance.

Helpful Resources

View List of National Chain Pharmacies

Find My Medication

Additional Documents & Rx Information

If you have a questions or need assistance, please call (800) 424-5828.



Claims Address & Filing Information

Submit itemized claims to:
Evolutions Healthcare Systems, Inc.
PO Box 5001
New Port Richey, FL 34656
Payer ID# 59313

Group Name: Student Education Benefit Trust SEBT

For questions about this plan, please call Academic Insurance Solutions at:  888-776-9920 or send an email to

Member Services: 866-662-4097
Eligibility/Benefits: 800-888-6227
To locate a provider:  866-945-2292
Inpatient Pre-certification: 833-247-8916

Online Member Account

Easy Access to your ID Card and Claims Information

Create a Member Account

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Short Term Coverage

Short Term Plans Offer:

  • Coverage for students who need insurance until they are on the Student Health Plan or have graduated and need coverage until they are employed.
  • Access to a nationwide network
  • Per term or per cause deductible for premium flexibility
  • Supplemental Accident optional benefit

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Part-Time & Graduate Student Enrollment Election Form

Part-time or domestic graduate students (international students are automatically enrolled) may elect to opt-in and purchase the St. Thomas University 2018-19 Student Health Plan on a voluntary basis.  The cost of this plan will be billed to your student account.

Click Here To Elect To Enroll

Dependent Coverage

Students who are covered under the STU Comprehensive Health Plan may purchase coverage for a spouse and dependent children.   The coverage period must be the same as your coverage period, i.e. if you are enrolled for annual coverage you may elect either annual or fall only for your dependents.

Click Here To Purchase Dependent Coverage


If you would like to purchase dental coverage on a voluntary basis for you and/or your family, complete the form below to obtain plan information and cost.


To view all vision plan options, costs and to enroll, complete the form below.