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All Full-time Undergraduates (except Organizational Leadership and Health Care Management) Law students are required to have creditable health insurance coverage while attending St. Thomas University.  Your student account will automatically be charged a health insurance fee of $1,030 for the full academic year for the new Florida Blue BCBS plan unless you complete the online waiver providing information that you have other insurance.  International students are required to purchase the student insurance plan and may not waive coverage. This plan will provide medical coverage anywhere in the U.S. and abroad.   

Graduate & Part-time students will automatically be enrolled in the Supplemental Health Benefit Plan, unless you elect to purchase the Primary Health Insurance Plan. Graduate students who would like to purchase the Primary Health Insurance Plan on a voluntary basis may do so by completing the online enrollment form below.

WAIVER PROCESS (elect not to purchase the Primary Health Insurance Plan if you have other primary insurance coverage)

Full-Time Undergraduate and Law students who have other comparable coverage and would like to waive out of this plan must complete the Online Waiver. Students failing to waive by the deadline are automatically enrolled for the full Academic Year in the Student Insurance Plan.  You may waive coverage only if you are already covered by your parent’s insurance, by an employer’s insurance, other Affordable Care Act compliant plan or comparable insurance or Florida Medicaid.  There are no exceptions to this deadline and appeals to refund the Spring/Summer premium will not be accepted, even if you are graduating in December.  Students failing to waive by the deadline will be automatically enrolled in the Student Insurance Plans for the Academic Year and you will be responsible for any and all fee’s that accrue.

To waive out click on the Online Waiver Application between the open and closed deadline period as stated below:

Students enrolling in the Fall:  7/1/2013 to 8/28/2013
New students only for Spring:  12/1/2013 to 1/15/2014
A7 – Students enrolling for Fall: 7/1/2013 to 10/23/2013
A2 – Students enrolling for Spring:  12/1/2013 to 3/19/2014



2013-14 Student Insurance

St. Thomas University is pleased to provide a new student insurance plan underwritten by Florida Blue BCBS  for students and their dependents. This plan offers enhanced coverage at an affordable premium, access to national preferred providers for less out of pocket and online features to help you better manage your benefits.  Covered medical expenses provided at the Health & Wellness Center will be covered at 100%.


Students who have an approved waiver and all other part time, VA and graduate students will automatically be charged an annual health fee of $180.  Students who have an approved waiver and all other Part-time, VA and Graduate students are automatically enrolled in this plan as well.   This plan provides 100% coverage for all medical services provided by the STU Health & Wellness Center, and INCLUDES unlimited Physician Consultations (both Diagnostic and Informational) through DocLogic.


DocLogic™ gives you access by phone, web video and secure email to licensed, board-certified physicians, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from any location on campus or off and while traveling anywhere throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  Just log-on and get connected to a DocLogic network physician who can diagnose your condition (common conditions), recommend a treatment and prescribe medication (as appropriate) which can be sent electronically to your nearest pharmacy.   Students who are on the Primary Health Plan may elect to purchase the DocLogic Telemedicine Services.  Once enrolled, students will be sent a welcome email from DocLogic with the necessary information to activate your DocLogic membership.

Click below if you would like to add DocLogic to the Primary Student Health Plan (this service is already included under the Supplemental Health Plan)

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