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All Full-time Day Undergraduate, Pharmacy and International Students are required to have health insurance, both to protect against unexpected high medical costs and provide access to quality care.  Students are automatically enrolled in the school sponsored 2014-15 Aetna Student Insurance Plan unless an online waiver has been completed by the specified deadline dates listed below.

Waivers received during the fall semester will apply for the full academic year.  Students newly mandated during the spring semester must submit a waiver request during the applicable waiver period.

  • Annual Waiver Deadline – 9/8/2014
  • Spring Waiver Deadline – 1/15/2015

If you waived out of the student insurance plan in the fall and would like to enroll in this plan for Spring/Summer, click on the link below.

Part-time, Evening and Graduate Students enrolled in at least 1 course may elect to enroll in this plan on a voluntary basis by completing the online enrollment form below and agree to have the premium charged to your student account.   If you are enrolled in this plan, you may purchase coverage for your Spouse or dependent Child(ren) during the open enrollment period.  Dependent coverage is purchased online through AIS by using a credit card.  The cost for dependent coverage may not be added to your student account.




Palm Beach Atlantic University is pleased to offer our students an affordable health insurance plan, underwritten by Aetna Student Health. This plan provides worldwide health care coverage with access to Aetna’s worldwide network of providers.  This student insurance plan qualifies as “minimum essential coverage” under the Affordable Care Act individual mandate health care law and services provided at the PBA Student Health & Wellness Center are covered at 100%, after a $10 copay under this plan.  IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR STUDENTS WHO NEED MEDICAL TREATMENT BEFORE YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR INSURANCE ID CARD.  CLICK HERE TO PRINT YOUR AETNA MEMBER ID CARD   or email us at to request a card in the mail.  Please contact Aetna Member Services at (877) 480-4161 for verification of benefits.



Once a member in the system, you can access your claim status, view explanation of benefits (EOB) and print an ID card.

Claim Filing Instructions

If the Provider or Pharmacy does not file the claim directly with Aetna Student Health, then you must file the claim by submitting an Aetna Claim Form and  Aetna Prescription Drug Claim Form with your receipt or itemized bill immediately after treatment.  Claims  can be faxed to (888) 472-1128 or call customer service at (866) 725-4402.