Our Team

Angie Black, President & CEO

Since 1986, Angie has been working with colleges and universities as a licensed insurance agent who specializes in the student insurance market. Managing the student insurance plans for several educational institutions and associations ranging from 1000 to 10,000+ insured lives nationwide. Prior to starting Academic Insurance Solutions in 2009, Angie was a Vice President in group benefit sales for United Healthcare Student Resources and MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company.

Email:  ablack@aisstudentinsurance.com / Direct Line:  (813) 944-3939

Veronica Dunn, Executive VP Sales

Over 30 years of experience in this very specialized market, expertise in sports accident insurance to athletic groups, publicly run sports programs and K-12 school districts.  Veronica is also President of Southeastern Risk Consultants, and previously managed K-12 sales for UnitedHealthcare Student Resources and Mega Life and Health Insurance Company.

Email: vdunn@aisstudentinsurance.com / Direct Line:  (813) 200-8875

Keith Saunders, VP Sales Consultant

With 15 years of experience selling insurance, Keith specializes in sports accident and employee benefits.  Previously SVP Employee Benefits Consultant for Tom Gallagher Insurance, former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins and a graduate of the University of Alabama.

Email:  ksaunders@aisstudentinsurance.com

Caitlin Arbos, Account Manager & Sales Support

Caitlin is actively involved in every aspect of managing the account and providing superior service to our clients.  She has many years of experience managing the student health insurance for AIS and previous experience as a Practice Manager for a large Student Medical Center, Sports Medicine Clinic and manager of the Student Insurance department at NSU.

Email:  carbos@aisstudentinsurance.com

Tonya Wolf, Customer Service Manager

Tonya has several years of experience in the customer service field assisting clients, insured members and providers with general benefit, claims and enrollment questions.  She is dedicated to responding quickly, resolving problems and providing exceptional customer service.

Email:  twolf@aisstudentinsurance.com / Direct Line:  (813) 410-8889