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Hodges University Voluntary Student Insurance

Students have several options for health insurance coverage that meets the University’s requirements and may be purchase on a voluntary basis.

Choose a Major Medical plan that best fits your needs.

Additional Products

International Student?
In addition, we offer the IMG International Student Health Advantage Plan that meets the J1 Visa requirements and provides coverage that includes medical benefits, international emergency care, medical and political evacuation, repatriation, and a choice of optional coverage enhancements.


Why Choose Us

  • 1

    Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

    Plan maximum up to $2,000,000.
    Choice of deductible and coinsurance.
    Coverage for a pre-existing conditions.

  • 2

    Freedom to seek treatment with a hospital or doctor of your choice.

    Access to Aetna, Cigna and First Health preferred provider networks.

  • 3

    Monthly payment option available.

    Renewable up to 48 months if minimum of three months is purchased.

  • 4

    Coverage designed to meet the U.S. J visa travel insurance requirements.

    Universal Prescription Drug savings. Coverage for intercollegiate sports.
    Preexisting conditions coverage.

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