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Health Care Reform FAQ

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The Health Insurance Marketplace (also referred to as the Exchanges) may help you get coverage that meets your needs and fits your budget.

If someone who can afford health insurance does not have coverage in 2014, they may have to pay a penalty fee. They also have to pay for all of their health care. The fee is sometimes called the “individual responsibility payment, individual mandate” or penalty.  If you are not exempt – the annual tax penalty you would be subject to if you don’t buy or maintain a plan that meets Minimum Essential Coverage requirements.

Affordable Care Act & Latest Updates

What if I am on Medicaid?

Because Medicaid typically offers ‘emergency only’ coverage for students studying outside the state, the coverage may not meet benefit criteria for schools that require students to carry health insurance. This is especially problematic for students who are studying outside of their home state. Moreover, Medicaid-covered students studying at in-state institutions that are located in rural areas with limited health care provider networks may also be negatively impacted due to lack of access to mental health providers or specialists.

Any student with active Medicaid coverage may request a waiver of the University’s student insurance requirement. Waiver requests from students with in state Medicaid will be approved. Requests from students with out-of-state Medicaid coverage will be considered. All waiver requests are submitted online are evaluated on an individual basis.

When making their waiver decisions, all Medicaid-covered students should consider the gaps in coverage they may experience while attending the University; for instance, travel abroad or anywhere outside their home state.

Foreign state government plans DO NOT meet this requirement. Medicaid-covered students may not be covered while traveling outside of the state. In addition, referral options for students on Medicaid needing specialist’s care off campus may be limited.

Students with Medicaid from outside may not have coverage outside of their state of residence and may need to return home for on-going treatment. Students with Medicaid who are interested in the student insurance plan may wish to address concerns about cost with their school’s financial aid office.

What if I am an international student?

How does Health Care Reform effect me if I am an International Student?