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Concordia University is pleased to offer our students and their families an affordable student health insurance plan, underwritten by Nationwide Insurance Company. The Student Insurance Plan qualifies as minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate and is intended for students who do not currently have other health insurance; do not have in-network health benefits while covered under an out-of-state HMO, State Exchange Plan or non-transferable state Medicaid; for students that may find this coverage to be less expensive compared to other low deductible plans; or who lost health insurance due to a qualifying event.


All full-time undergraduate students and athletes are required to purchase the Basic Student Health and Accident Insurance Plan if you do not have adequate health insurance while attending classes at Concordia University, Portland.  Student athletes are required to be enrolled in primary insurance within the U.S. that covers injuries resulting from participating in intercollegiate sports. Graduate students taking 6 or more credit hours (including online courses) are eligible to purchase this plan on a voluntary basis. Dependents of insured students are eligible to purchase this plan on a voluntary basis for the same period as the student.


If you enroll in this plan prior to the deadline stated below, your coverage will be effective on the policy effective date.  If you enroll after this period, your coverage will be effective on the date your online application and premium is received by the company. Coverage, Enrollment and ID Card Information call us toll-free at (888) 776-9920 or send us an email with your questions to

Once enrolled, you will receive an email confirmation with a temporary ID card attached and a permanent card will be mailed to you after the enrollment period deadline.

Click here to print a personalized ID card online.

Students who have adequate health insurance coverage with access to in-network health care providers in the area required to provide other insurance information by completing the online waiver form. If you do not complete this waiver form by the waiver deadline, you will be notified by University to provide proof of coverage.


Cigna Preferred Drug List

Express-Scripts 2014 Formulary

Short Term Medical Insurance

Dental Coverage


Locate an In-Network Medical Provider

Locate an Express Script Participating Pharmacy


If the Provider or Pharmacy does not file the claim directly with Consolidated Health Plans (CHP), then you must file a claim and send to CHP with copies of your receipts and/or the itemized bill immediately after treatment. Claims can be faxed to (413) 733-4612. For claim questions or status of a claim payment, please call (800) 633-7867.

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Student Medical Claim Form

Coordination of Benefits Form

Express-Scripts Prescription Drug Claim Form

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