• Health Benefits
    Health Benefits
    Student, Employee, Individual, Family
  • Travel Medical Insurance
    Travel Medical Insurance
    International, Study Abroad, Travel Assistance, Medical Evacuation
  • Special Risk Insurance
    Special Risk Insurance
    Accident, Liability, Special Events, Activities, Exposure
  • Athletic Accident Coverage
    Athletic Accident Coverage
    K-12, Interscholastic, Intramural, Club, Intercollegiate Sports
  • Other Insurance Benefits
    Other Insurance Benefits
    Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Supplemental, Catastrophic

Student Insurance Plans

International Student and Study Abroad Insurance

A full line of international medical insurance products, as well as trip cancellation programs, stop loss insurance, and 24/7 emergency medical and travel assistance — all designed to provide members Global Peace of Mind® while they’re away from home.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

Group Plan Benefits (Students or Employees)

Dental and Vision Insurance Plans

Individual or families looking for an affordable dental or vision plan, Academic Insurance Solutions makes it simple by providing you with a wide variety of plans to choose from. No paperwork / Online enrollment / Online payment / Online fulfillment

Student Health 101

Where students with Academic Insurance Solutions can connect, learn, and get tips about managing stress, eating healthy, workouts and much more.

Better Help

Convenient, affordable, private online counseling. Anytime, anywhere. Talk with a licensed, professional therapist online.

The Premium Saver

Premium Saver is a group supplemental insurance plan which helps reduce the cost of group medical coverage. The strategy is simple: Find an affordable high-deductible major medical plan, then add Premium Saver to fill the deductible and cost sharing holes.

Member Online Account Login

Allows insured members to their plan and insurance information online 24/7. Our members have access to a personalized, secure website to help them manage their health and wellness benefits.